Groupie love, that’s what I want
This ain’t no GAP bish, this Saint Laurent
I’m makin' moves, they sayin' keep it up
All I ever wanted was a Bentley truck

I paint a picture, with a thousand words
Baby don't thank me, thank the universe
My temper short, but my paper long
Fuck you pay me, hope you don't take that wrong

Four O’s on my whip, two A's on my hip
Only use paper straws, but she got plastic lips
I'm from LA, as you can tell
White vans, skinny jeans, with the Louis belt

She wanna bone, I'm not in the mood
House party in the hills, yeah I'm in the pool
I ate a Molly, I feel like God
Ain't no key to life, 'cause it isn’t locked

Oh she mad 'cause she ran outta Juul pods
Got no patience cut you off like a Groupon
She a homie hopper, so I call her frog
I just wanna bone, guess that I'm a dog

Couple animals, breakin' out the zoo
In convertibles, I don't believe in roofs
Wrote down my goals, bish I made a list
Yeah I sacrificed, a whole lot of shit

No I ain't perfect, yeah I'll admit
But I am who I am, and I'm proud of it
Bish I'm up next, and she obsessed
I never met you, why you upset

Man go for it, don’t be scared to lose
Don't you know two L’s make a W
If you fuck with me, then I fuck with you
I been gettin' paid to do what I love to do

Movin' with bravado
Fillin' up my cup with this Moscato
Cheers, to the highlife
I can't hear the hate from up here in this highrise

Quality women, quality linens
You keep on hatin', I'ma keep winnin'
Ain't no pretendin', rap what I'm livin'
They cannot see me, windows is tinted

My new chick Lebanese she call me Habibi
Never want me to leave but I gotta be free
Can't tie me down I am not a tuxedo
Fuckin' the game up excuse my libido

Chip on my shoulder ain't talkin' Dorito
She playin' my music it boost up my ego
I'm fightin' demons but tell me who isn’t
Every day a battle but today I'm winnin'

Second you give up yeah that's when you finished
I don't take it personal it's only business
I'm just...

I'm just speakin' from the heart spittin' atriums and ventricles
Every person has a different side we asymmetrical
I'ma let it show, believe me there ain't shit to hide
I'm done with blending in by putting on this big disguise

See I'm affected by surroundings
I represent every individual that's around me
I'm cutting all the toxic people out of my connection now
Choosin' people that motivate me instead of stress me out

I got no shame in lettin' homies loose
'Cause now I see it now I know the truth
All about the energy, emotions that you send to me
If it don't lift me up I gotta go and simply let it be

Study the world and its Fibonacci sequences
With all this knowledge it’s hard not to be secretive
Sacred geometry, imprinted on my tongue
Keep my ratios golden like the rays of a sun

Young son of a land where we praise all the dumb shit
Don’t give a fuck what Kim K had for lunch
It’s, gettin' out of hand, understand this is brainwash
Shut ya mouth and let ya brain talk

This is higher frequency music
I'm givin' you a piece of me, use it
They wonder how I easily do this
Keep my chakras all balanced I don't need to be Buddhist

It’s, written on the wall you just gotta read it
The energy is in you, you just gotta feed it
Inhale, exhale, let it flow out
And all that manifested negativity just throw out

I know karma’s comin' back and it's gonna be a bitch
There’s a reason why they say to be careful what you wish
But I'm in, way too deep, at least that's what she told me
Beat it, beat it, beat it, like I'm in the UFC

I'm a trend setter, with a vendetta
I could never be a vegan 'cause I love my fucking cheddar
Got my bread up, 2016, I was lookin' through some pics
That year my bank account had negative 26

I, had to go to line up some bands like a festival
Sometimes you gotta grab life by the testicles
And real music never died it just took a nap
I'm boutta wake this motherfucker up and bring it back

11:11 I pray to the heavens above
Thankful for all in life who keep spreadin' the love
Spirit guide keep me strong for whatever’s to come
Old soul should've been born in 1971

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