New York City

Jr. Walker

New York City

Title New York City
Performed By Jr. Walker

Washington DC the chocolate city is live and liven color Chicago is the city of liven they call it the windy city
New Orleans is the place you see during the Mardi Gras Philadelphia is the place to see but New York City is the place for me
Lady of Liberty burns the torch the God father rides in his Roll Royce scan your black book checking out names all the small suckers that got lost in the game
rappers are rapping and getting down hip hopers are dancing all over the town lady's of the evening ae scanning for a mate doing a tradition called the paperchase
New York City you got to know how to hustle if you don't know how to get it you get lost in the shuffle
from Broadway to forty-ninth street that's were all the bad card sharks meet
New York City they never never sleep its so nice that's why they named it twice
capital radio is playing them down people are talking about London town all the DJ'S going to town playen them soul sounds little ham can really jam but liver pool is so cool
but New York City is really the school get hip to the trip
the records are breaking and acting a clown you can hear it all around

New York City ya kind of looks kind of pretty ya

cant you just see it he energy field traffic just backed up as far as you can see horns blowing sirens screams
New York finest on the scene hope no children don't start no fight cause New York finest will read you your rights
and on top of that the judge will through the book at yall
hay Detroit don't get up tight little motor city says every thangs all right little Mississippi every thangs alright Arizona is a real hot spot
i still love to go way out west but i still love New York the best

New York City ya kind of looks kind of pretty ya

walken down the street theirs all nationality's of people that you might meet hmmm hay constructions workers are working high you can see them as you pass by
building the skyscrapers up in the clouds while the stock market is going way down New York City you go round the clock New York City you dont never stop
(were expecting rain on the big apple today with temperature reaching the 90's those of you that are traveling air lines all flights will be leaving on schedule)
So that's hard hay break it down all theaters shows after dark get rad to find her acts and so does central park
the park is a place that everybody holler and let them self go hmm

New York City, New York City, New York City, New York City, hmm give it to me

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