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Raleigh Music Group's mission is to provide outstanding service to a select number of music publishing clients. We  maximize royalty revenue while protecting the long-term value and ownership rights of the songs we represent. We care about every client and every song, and this quality-over-quantity approach drives everything we do. We work with a vast network of ad agencies, film, and tv music supervisors and gaming companies. Our experienced team brings years of hands-on expertise and our clients trust us.



Raleigh Music Group is very excited to announce that songs from the legendary Trax Records catalog will appear in Rockstar Games' new update, Grand Theft Auto Online: After Hours. 



PHresher joined Eminem on stage at the conclusion of this years Governor's Ball festival in NYC. They performed their hit song Chloraseptic from Eminem's new album.  Was an amazing moment!  Check out the video here.


Click Here for Video of Live Performance

Click Here for Video of Live Performance




Leilani Wolfgramm Releases highly anticipated new album "LIVE WIRE"!





Read an incredible Album Review from Top Shelf Reggae Magazine:


Leilani Wolfgramm stuns with “Live Wire” album

Soulful songstress Leilani Wolfgramm ignites passion, prose and purpose in her electrifying new album Live Wire, out today off Raleigh Records. Following two previous full-length LP’s I Burn (2013) and Rebel (2014), Wolfgramm’s third installment is well worth the four-year wait, and even that is an understatement. All the musical constituents that make up Live Wire is almost as many in number as the conflicting idiosyncrasies that make up Wolfgramm’s temperament; a mixture of sound to match a matrix of flaws and reflections that Wolfgramm weaves for the world at large. Holding nothing back, Wolfgramm bears it all: good, bad, ugly, drunken, dosed, dedicated, medicated, downtrodden, disturbed, desirous, desultory. Go ahead and scratch the surface – Wolfgramm isn’t afraid to bleed. Strap yourselves in for an album full of overt agony that gives rise to more than a few philosophical ponderings.


"Wolfgramm sees herself a live wire – set to shock and damage all who come close enough to touch."


The album starts off with Wolfgramm’s latest single “The Trail”. Let’s stumble back to the beginning, for Wolfgramm didn’t end up here overnight. “I was born on the trail,” Wolfgramm sings, “two doors down from the devil himself.” With a bluesy vocal delivery, a kettledrum and an EDM beat, Wolfgramm explains her fall from grace in the form of a prelude. Retaining a sunny disposition through life is a little tough when you’re “born burnt”. Track two, “Sinner”, encapsulates Wolfgramm’s inner angst, bringing to the surface drug dependency, depression and desperation. Screaming lyrics like “I pour my heart straight into the liquor”, little does she know the burden of a tortured soul is better than never baring one at all. A self-described “black hole”, Wolfgramm sees herself a live wire – set to shock and damage all who come close enough to touch. Speaking of, the title track comes next: a millennial anthem on no shame, full pain and you-only-live-once. Emotionally charged, “Live Wire” jolts the listeners into self-assessment. Generations X, Y & Z spend life “scheduling treatments” by day and “chasing demons” by night; we are only hurting ourselves with this behavior, yet can't help ourselves. What is life without pain? What does real pain feel like, anyway? Wolfgramm knows that out of darkness, there is light... whether that light is accompanied with a hangover or not. In “Heaven”, the track’s uplifting tonality balances Wolfgramm’s “I’m no good” lyrics, as she subtly prays for salvation in between reaching for the bottle. If there’s pain on earth, does that mean there is pain after death? Can turning to a higher power beat the high? Who’s to know. It seems Wolfgramm is hopeful though.

After such destructive self-assertions, the track “Without Condition” rolls around to proffer listeners a look through Wolfgramm’s rare, but relieving rose-colored glasses. A proverbial redemption song set to a housey EDM beat, Wolfgramm asks “teach me to love”, “show me the sun” – I was born this way, but I’m subject to change. “Bipolar” brings to light a hip hop style manic-depressive stream of consciousness, illuminating an adequate description of Wolfgramm’s enigmatic persona. “Another One” compares love to alcohol addiction, for in a toxic relationship, might as well drink until last call. “Warzone” is another single off the album already climbing the charts, showcasing Wolfgramm’s grit when love is a battlefield. And, on the subject of fighting, track nine “Rise” is about uniting as one to overcome all obstacles. What's the point of hiding our skeletons and scarlet letters when we're all avid collectors? The album concludes with “Broken Ones”, another ode to millennial mentality. In a world of doubt, “who’s going to save us”? We may be broken, but do we even want to be fixed? Or, do we want to remain miserable, for that’s all we know?


."..don’t be surprised if Live Wire picks up more than a few awards. "

Wolfgramm has truly outdone herself and don’t be surprised if Live Wire picks up more than a few awards. The album is now available on all digital outlets as Wolfgramm wraps up touring alongside The Green and no further spring or summer tours for the chanteuse have been announced to date. With an album as fire as this and an overly energetic live show to boot, you can bet that Leilani Wolfgramm is about to blow up like a firework, lest a live wire.



PHresher Featured on forthcoming new EMINEM ALBUM!

Raleigh Music Group is extremely proud and thrilled for PHresher who will be featured on the song "Chlorseptic" from Eminem's forthcoming album "Revival".  As far as featured artists go, PHresher is in good company - other song features include Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Pink and Alicia Keys.  PHresher is an amazing talent who is seeing his hard work and dediction pay off.  We are honored to have him part of the Raleigh Music family.




Click to Listen


Leilani Wolfgramm premieres her new track, “Live Wire!”


At once seductive and foreboding, Wolfgramm amplifies the dark side of the postmodern condition which many pop artists tend to either ignore or indulge: The obsessive, anxious narcissism which renders us all slaves to external validation. With a sultry voice that notably intensifies with each refrain of “I can’t hold this smile much longer,” “Live Wire” turns a critical eye on the perils of a culture where we continually chase the dragon of artifice and public approval, numb to the agony of it all, until we ultimately implode.


“We are more superficial than we’ve ever been. More materialistic. More desperate for attention. More naked, more insecure. More depressed. ‘Live Wire’ is about the lies we tell ourselves,” Wolfgramm discloses. “If we take away our personas, our masks, we start to see how ugly we’ve become and how sad we really are. Walking around covering up who we are is like walking on a live wire. It’s dangerous, it’s electrifying, the attention we get when we get a complement or a ‘like’. That feeling starts to become a drug. And before we know it our confidence is reliant on compliments, it’s fake security and we just keep chasing the high till we die.”





Songs from Trax Records' Catalog to appear in GTA Online Update

Raleigh Music Group is very excited to announce that songs from the legendary Trax Records catalog will appear in Rockstar Games' new update, Grand Theft Auto Online: After Hours. The game is centered around a club that players can visit and interect with other players. The game features music and includes character avatars of real DJs inlcuding, The Black Madonna, Solomon, Tale of Us, and Dixon. The Trax Records songs will be heard by users during gameplay. GTA Online After Hours Trailer:

Raleigh Music Group to Administer Mink Deville and Willy Deville Catalog

https://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00098556-raleigh-music-publishing-to-administer-iconic-willy-deville-catalog.html Raleigh Music Group is thrilled to announce the signing of a worldwide agreement to administer the songs of Willy Deville and the Mink Deville catalog. During his thirty-five-year career, first with his band Mink DeVille (1974–1986) and later, on his own, Deville created original songs rooted in traditional American musical styles. Mink DeVille was a house band at CBGB, the historic New York City nightclub where punk rock was born in the mid-1970s. DeVille achieved prominence as a contemporary of the Ramones, Patti Smith, Television, Blondie and Talking Heads. After his move to New Orleans in 1988, he helped spark the roots revival of classic New Orleans R&B. His soulful lyrics and explorations in Latin rhythms and sounds helped define a new musical style sometimes called "Spanish-Americana". His 1987 album Miracle was produced by the Dire Straits guitarist Mark Knopfler. The song “Storybook Love” from the album was included in the film soundtrack for The Princess Bride and was nominated for an Academy award for best original song. “Raleigh Music Group is extremely proud to be representing the iconic Willy Deville catalog. His contribution as a songwriter and artist cannot be over-stated,“ says Peter Raleigh. Nina Deville adds, “I'm excited that Raleigh will represent Willy's music. They understand and appreciate his catalogue and that's all I can wish for. "

Torae's Danger Synched in Hit TV Series 'POWER"

Big Congratulations to Torae for his song "Danger" being placed in the Starz hit tv series "Power" starring 50 Cent. 50 Cent tweeted that he loves the song!

Damien Escobar: #1 Album on Billboard

Raleigh Music Group is proud to announce that last week our talented artist Damien Escobar’s album, “Boundless” reach #1 in the classical album charts on Billboard! As well as this, Escobar has also had a single, “Freedom premiered” at #15 on the iTunes dance charts and subsequently broke the iTunes Hot 100 Top 10. To license Damien Escobar’s music, Raleigh Music Group can help. Please reach out to us for more information: info@raleighmusicgroup.com

Raleigh Music Group represented at Midem

Raleigh Music Group represented at Midem this year. Rachael Cain (left) of Trax Records and Peter Raleigh (right) met at Midem one year ago. Raleigh sub-publishes Rachael's Trax catalogue via a deal with Supreme Music Ltd. Rachael is wearing an "Elvis" t-shirt by Coach who partnered with Authentic Brands Group who owns the Elvis image and likeness.

SYNCH HIGHLIGHT: 'The Most Hated Woman In America' uses Giant Baum Kaye Hidden Gem "Pick A Wishing Star"

It's SXSW this week, and Austin is abuzz with brand new films, music, and technology. One such film is The Most Hated Woman In America, which is based on the true story of Madalyn Murray O'Hair (Melissa Leo), the founder of American Atheists who was later kidnapped and murdered along with her son and granddaughter, by an ex-con and an employee of O’Hair’s organization. Raleigh Music Group secured a spot in the film for a deep Brill Building-era catalog track from writers Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, and Florence Kaye called "Pick A Wishing Star." To secure this synch, RMG worked with Helene Kaye of the Giant Baum Kaye catalog to transfer the original acetate record to a digital file. It was a project all of us were happy to be a part of. The film premiered this week at SXSW. You can catch the film on Netflix starting March 24, 2017. Listen to the song here:http://www.raleighmusicgroup.com/tiny/8E2e4 Watch the trailer here: