Paradise Freestyle



I just want to ball like a roly poly
I just want to ball rest in peace to Kobe
Bitch I got the force Obi Wan Kenobi
I'll be here for a while, you should get to know me
Throw me to the wolves we'll come out as homies
Got to learn how to separate the real from the phoney
They acting like we cool, but I smell baloney
That Neumann mic is cool but I like my Sony
I been around the block, got a few Jennies
She ask we what's my body count, I told her "too many"
Never dated a pornstar, but been in plenty
Living life like a rock star, like Jimi Henny
Getting better with time, I age like wine
Plus I got bars for life, like Weinstein
Too soon, but it's better than too late (true)
I'm too true, stay away from the too fakes
If you got fake follows, that means you fake leading
And if that's hard to swallow, it's cuz it ain't sweetened
I tell her "raw" like I'm from the east, but I'm from the west
Take a guess
I'm in Venice Beach chilling with some model-esques, yes
It's like chess in this industry, gotta think three steps ahead before you finish me (bitch)
Bitch please, I'm well seasoned (so don't call my phone unless we talking velveeta)
Life is 5'6 so I do as I please
Used to curve me, now I got her on her knees
Been at this for a while, I planted so many seeds
Waiting on the right time, to harvest my money trees
And no one ever said it would be easy
And no I don't expect a fucking freebie
And yes I'm in the kitchen every day cooking up, getting greasy
Strumming on this Gibson like my name is Easy
It's hard to make it to the top when you tugging on my ladder
But it gets a little better once I recognize the patterns
I been learning how to listen to the bullshit and the chatter
Once I found my inner peace, it's like it doesn't even matter what they say
Problems that come with being self-made
You want a piece of the pie, that you ain't ​help bake
Still independent and I'm well-paid
I know you hate it, hope and pray that my wealth fades
But I don't mind, shit out of sight
Long days and longer nights
Trynna make it to paradise
I been growing out my wings, time to take flight
I been working so hard, but I don't feel sore
I won't stop until I'm Top 100 Billboard
It's not a whole lot of things that I would kill for
But baby this the type of shit I was built for (wooshy)

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