Wait A Minute [dirty]


Wait A Minute [dirty]

Title Wait A Minute [dirty]
BPM 140
Key F
Mode Minor

Wait, wait, wait, wait
Wait, wait, wait, wait

[Hook: Phresher]
Wait, wait, wait a minute
Wait, wait, wait a minute
One god damn minute
Hold up wait a minute
I start shit then I finish
Hard head I don't listen
Diamonds on my wrist glisten
N***a like me feel tremendous
Wait a minute, wait a minute
Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute
Wait a minute, wait a minute
Wait, wait, wait, a minute
I start shit then I finish
Hard head I don't listen
Diamonds on my wrist glisten
N***a let me feel tremendous

[Verse 1: Phresher]
Big head Jimmy Neutron
Fuck a bitch on a futon
Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved
N***a this ain't Groupon
Do my dirt all by my lonely
All my bitches know we homies
If I pull up wit my bitch hoes better act like they don't know me
All my side bitches in check, diamonds clear like windex
One point on the index
Stomp your ass like an insect
So you better be cool
Shawty better be nude
When I walk in the room
She know she fuckin' with a goon
I did em in at the same time
My third leg got hang time
Bang, bang, bang time
Game face when it's game time
He hate to leave the score up
Got her screamin' like a Horr-a
She keep beggin' me to stop
But she really want more-a
Shawty so contradicted
But the dick's so addictive
Homie how could you blame her?
Her head dumb like Kramer


[Verse 2: Phresher]
Who said I ain't the man?
Red dot, I'm like Japan
So fly I can't land
Got the world in my hand
Oh man, Oh man
Oh man, Oh man
Met a bitch on the beach
Had to fuck on her in the sand
All my ladies got tans
All my n****s got bands
Only coke that you pushin'
Is Coca-Cola in a can
Who raising these n****s?
Who praising these n****s?
I ain't ballin' on the court
But I'm shaking baking these n****s
Steph Currys all around me
Don't never try to clown me
I got swag juice drippin'
Can't clean it up with Bounty
Keep it real you a outcast
Such a shit, we gone outlast
You should get a job at Housing
Everything you put out trash
That's word to my momma
I wrote this shit in pajamas
Cash Money bunch of commas
Oh I'm such a Big Timer

[Alt Verse 2: Dah Dah]
I got n****s , I got n****s
I got robbers n***a , I got killas
Fuck ya gang I ride for my n****s
Said fuck ya dope n***a I got dealers
Back in town trynna make a show
They want heat but they ain't waiting thou
I guess these n****s ain't patient
Money callin I chase it
Wait a minute let the base hit
Ridin wit my n****s came out the basement
Why you talking get ya face hit
We are not the ones to play with

[Verse 3: Curly Savv]
I got it straight out the lot
You a fool if you think you on top
On moms you got ya bitch on my cock
Make a move then I'm gettin you dropped
They thug bout flicking the wrist
Waste ya time trynna send me a diss
And you know I ain't responding for shit
Smoking dope bitch I'm higher than this
Shout out to all of my fans
16 and I'm doing my thing
They don't know that I feel like the man
Fuck the opps when they saw me they ran
Bitch you know I don't be on the block
I just roll with this stick in my pants
Remember the thug on the book
He was shook when I hopped out the van
GLLLTTTTT oh my god


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